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Pairing AXIS Gear to the AXIS App
Pairing AXIS Gear to the AXIS App
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Bluetooth and Location Services must be turned on, as the app requires access to these features in order to operate. The app only requests these permissions if it doesn't already have the required access. Note the device scan and pairing process will automatically appear during first-time app on-boarding.


1. Press the physical PAIR button on your Gear to begin Bluetooth advertising.

Select the "Gear Up!" device from the device list. You may need to refresh the device list if you don’t see it listed immediately. If you have multiple devices, there will be several ‘Gear Up!’ devices listed on this screen. Each listing corresponds to a different Gear; we suggest pairing 1x Gear at a time to avoid confusion.

Once a device is selected, the respective Gear will flash all its LEDs white, two times to signal a successful connection.

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2. Identify which room Gear is in and choose from a list of room names. You may also give Gear a custom name or room by selecting "Custom."

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3. Select your window covering, mount type and power source. If the name of the exact window covering is not available, select the option that is closest to the desired choice.

Additionally, let Gear know the type of mounting position by selecting the closest available mount type.

Finally, select the power source when the option is presented. This selection determines how the battery level readout function works.

All of these selections can be altered at any time from the ‘Gear Settings’ page.

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4. Next, use the arrow buttons to set the opened and closed positions for the shade.

To begin, tap or hold the up button until Gear reaches the fully-opened position of the window shade. Once done, tap next.

If the shade goes down, when you tap the up button, select the checkbox below the arrow buttons to “Reverse Directions.”

On the next screen, tap or hold the down button until Gear is in the fully-closed position. Once it is in the desired location, tap next.

Gear will then confirm its new calibration points by flashing all LEDs green twice.

Gear is now ready to use!

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Figure 20 Set Open Position (left), Set Closed Position (right)

5. After initial setup is completed, the Gear’s location or custom name provided will appear on the ‘Gears Dashboard’.

Once a room or Gear name is assigned, other mobile devices can recognize Gear with its new name instead of the default "Gear Up!".

To add additional Gears, press the ‘Plus’ sign on the bottom right of the screen and follow the above instructions again.

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