How to Install AXIS Gear?
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To install AXIS Gear, you will need the positioning template, mounting bracket, double-sided tape, back lid, and, of course, Gear.

1. Remove Attachments

Before installing Gear, make sure there are no objects attached to your beaded-chain or cord that may potentially jam the device. You can replace any large connectors you may have with the provided connector.


2. Choose Your Mount Type

There are three ways to position and install the mounting bracket. If there is space on the inside of your window frame, Gear can be installed by placing the largest side of the mounting bracket flat against the frame.

You can also install Gear on the outside or middle of the frame by placing the medium side of the mounting bracket on the outside of your window frame or against the middle pillar (also called the mullion) of your frame. Play around with the position of the mounting bracket to find out what works best for you!


3. Position Gear on Your Frame

After selecting a place to install Gear, use the positioning template to position the mounting bracket below the chain or cord. Make sure to position the template so the chain is tight and fully tensioned. Also, make sure your chain or cord is not twisted and runs straight down.


4. a) Installing with Mounting Screws

When installing Gear on drywall or wood, we recommend using the mounting screws. When installing onto drywall make sure there is a wall stud behind your wall. To locate the stud, you can use a stud-finder, which will light up to show you the location of the stud.

To install Gear with the mounting screws, fasten your screws through the two spaces in the positioning template and through the bracket. Tighten until secure.


4. b) Installing with Double-Sided Tape

If your drywall does not have a sturdy stud behind it, use the mounting screws and double-sided tape. If you are installing Gear on metal or glass, use the double-sided tape.

To install Gear with the double-sided tape, first, make sure the holes on the tape align with the holes on the bracket. Next, peel off the red liner of the tape and apply it very carefully to the face of the mounting bracket that will be against the wall. You only have one chance to apply the tape so make it count! Peel the yellow liner of the tape off and firmly press the bracket against the wall. Let the tape rest for at least one hour.

5. Attach Gear

Attach your chain or cord into the Gear and snap the Cover close. To be safe, do not power on the device yet. Position Gear onto the mounting bracket from an angle, making sure to line up the grooves in Gear with the lips on the mounting bracket. Pull the device downwards until your chain or completely is completely tensioned and tight.

For metal or plastic chains, do not pull Gear too tight as it may wear down the device faster. For cords or strings, make sure Gear is very tightly installed as to prevent any slippage.


6. Mount Gear onto Bracket

Position Gear flat up against the Mounting Bracket (both Lips should be inside the bottom-back grooves of the device). Then, slide the device downwards until the beaded chain or cord loop is pulled tight.


7. a) Install the Power Module

Next, mount the power module on the window. Before starting, make sure your window is clean and free of any moisture or dirt. Remove the plastic battery tab and connect the power module to Gear. Next, peel the protective film off the the power module’s mounting adhesives. You can now mount it directly onto your window. We recommend mounting the power module as high as possible so it can be hidden by the headrail or valance of your window shade and so it gets as much sunlight as possible. If there are any shadows on your window shade from roofing or trees, be sure to place the module away from any shadows in a spot where it will get sunlight.


7. b) Install the AC Power Adapter

AXIS Gear also has an AC power adapter available to power your Gear. This component should have been included within your shipment - if it was not, please reach out to one of our AXIS agents right away. The Power Adapter uses electricity from your home to power Gear. This AC adapter keeps the internal battery inside Gear continually charged. As long as the Power Adapter is connected to both Gear and a power outlet, Gear will run efficiently without interruption.

8. Power Module Cable Management

Using a hammer and the provided cable management clips, place the cable along your window frame to create a neat and tidy look.

You’ll also notice the power module has a cap at each end. One is to replace batteries while the other can hide excessive cable. After opening the cap, you can wrap the cable around the middle section to set your desired cable length. Generally, this is easier to do once the Power Module has already been installed. When adjusting the cable length, make sure there is enough room to slide the cover back on. Finally, the cable that comes out of the cover can be oriented either to the left or right for a neat look that fits your window shade.

View more about cable wire management in our article here: AXIS Wire Cable Management

9. Power on AXIS Gear

To turn Gear on, press and hold the power touch button for several seconds until the lights on the touch interface light up. Gear has now been installed, turned on, and is ready to be set up!


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