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Add Previously Configured Gear to AXIS App
Add Previously Configured Gear to AXIS App
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Gear retains its given name and calibration points directly within the device. This means that any AXIS app can recognize a previously configured Gear, and does not require you to set the name, top or bottom positions again.

To add a previously configured Gear to an AXIS app, simply press ‘PAIR’ on your Gear, while refreshing your mobile device’s Bluetooth devices list, as in step 1 of the ‘Bluetooth Device Pairing’ article.

If a partially configured Gear is added to an AXIS app, a slightly longer abridged onboarding process is offered. In this case, you will need to set the top and bottom positions again, and continue calibration from there. This ‘partially configured’ case is rare, however.

The one exception to the above is if Gear was previously calibrated and then factory reset. In this case, the app considers Gear as brand new, and will once more require a full configuration.

Abridged onboarding processes make use of the same steps as outlined in the ‘Bluetooth Device Pairing’ article.

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