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Installing your AXIS Gear
Add Gear to AXIS app via On-Device Controls
Add Gear to AXIS app via On-Device Controls
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1. Enter Configuration Mode

To set up AXIS Gear without a smartphone, you can use the physical controls on the device. To start, press and hold the Set button on the top of the device for a few seconds. The touch interface will light up like this.

2. Make Sure Gear is Moving in the Right Direction

Press and hold the top or bottom of the blue lights on the interface to move your shades up or down. You can tap for finer control! If the shade is moving in the wrong direction, press the Pair button to reverse directions.

3. Set the Open Position

By pressing the top blue light, the shade can be raised to where you want the fully open position to be. When you have it where you want it, press the Set button again to confirm.

4. Set The Closed Position

Next, set the fully closed position by pressing the bottom blue light on Gear’s touch interface. When you have it exactly where you want it, press the Set button to confirm and save that position. When the configuration is complete, the lights will flash white.

5. Re-Configuring Gear

Your device is now configured! If you made a mistake or want to adjust the settings, re-enter configuration mode by pressing and holding the Set button to overwrite the previous settings.

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