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How to Uninstall + Dismount AXIS Gear
How to Uninstall + Dismount AXIS Gear
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1. Power Off Gear

To uninstall AXIS Gear, the first thing you need to do is power-off the device. To start, press and hold the 'X' until it starts pulsing blue. The LED will go dark soon after.


2. Dismount Power Module

Next, dismount the power module from your window by disconnecting it from where it connects the Gear. Holding both ends of the power module, pull it towards you until it snaps off. The module is attached via velcro. Give it a good pull - don't be scared!


3. Dismount Gear

Now, dismount Gear from the mounting bracket by simply pulling the device slightly away and upwards. Be sure to angle the device out from the bottom first like this before pulling it up. It should come off quite easily.


4. Remove Chain or Cord

Unlatch the back cover and remove your chain or cord from the device. Your Gear is now uninstalled from your window!


5. a) Removing the Mounting Bracket (Mounting Screws)

If you used the mounting screws to install the mounting bracket, simply unscrew the two mounting screws from the bracket until they are completely removed. The mounting bracket should now be able to be freely removed from your frame or wall.

5. b) Removing the Mounting Bracket (Double Sided Tape)

If you used the provided double-sided tape to install the mounting bracket, pull the exposed flap of the tape directly downwards until it unsticks from the wall.

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