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Controlling your Gear via On-Device Controls
Controlling your Gear via On-Device Controls
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Gear has 3 physical buttons on top of the unit - SET, GROUP and PAIR.

An LED capacitive touch interface is on the front of the device.

Each physical button press creates a different outcome, along with combination button presses. For example, press ‘Group+Pair’ to switch between Bluetooth and Smart Home modes.

Gear’s touch interface consists of a POWER button near the top (signified by the AXIS logo) and a series of LED CAPACITIVE TOUCH BUTTONS positioned along the TOUCH STRIP.

The Power button turns Gear on and off or stops operation, while the touch strip is used to control the shade.

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To turn Gear on or off, touch and hold the Power button for 5-8 seconds or until the Touch Strip lights up. While Gear is in operation, tap the Power button to immediately stop movement.

Pressing the top of the Touch Strip opens the shade to the fully opened position while pressing the bottom of the touch strip moves the shade to the fully closed position. You can move the shade to 25%, 50%, and 75% open positions by touching the Touch Strip in-between the opened and closed positions.

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