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Creating and Controlling Groups of Shades on the AXIS App
Creating and Controlling Groups of Shades on the AXIS App
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Group Control can be accessed from the main Gears Dashboard.

Select the middle Group icon or swipe over to the middle section from your AXIS app.

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Press the white + icon in the blue circle to create and name a new group.

After naming your Group, select the participating Gears. The ‘Select Gears’ screen actively scans for nearby Gears and displays a small ‘searching’ icon. If the Gears you wish to add have not been detected as in range, then restart the group creation process and ensure you are within a few feet of the Gears you wish to add. Press Done once Gears have been selected.

Multiple Groups can be created, each with their own set of assigned Gears. However, a Gear can only participate in one Group at a time.

After creating a Group, the app displays a Connecting screen. This screen immediately attempts to connect to Gears added to the new Group. Once all connections have been made, the app will automatically display the Control screen. This screen works in the same way as the Control screen for individual Gears. Sliding up opens the shades, while sliding down closes them.

upon creation of a new group, the app requires the entire Group be connected before the grouped Gear can be controlled for the first time. This limitation acts as a check to ensure the Group is working as configured.

After creating a Group and initiating the first connection, the Group will appear on the Groups screen under its own tile.


To connect your AXIS app to an existing Group, select the desired Group tile. The app then displays a connecting screen to ensure that all Gears are in range and attempts connection to each Gear. This scan takes several seconds. Once all Gears are connected, the app will automatically display the Group Control screen.

If all Gears are not in range, or otherwise can’t be connected to, the app lets you proceed with only the Gears with active connections. Alternatively, you may retry the scan.

Figure: Group Scanning (left), Successful Connection (Center), Partial Connection (Right)

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You may edit a group from the Group Control screen.

From the Group Control screen, navigate to ‘Group Settings’ then select ‘Edit’ next to ‘Gears in this Group’.

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Delete a Group from the Groups Dashboard.

Long press the Group tile, then when prompted to delete the Group, select ‘Delete’.


Bluetooth connectivity is needed to successfully use the AXIS Group feature. The mobile device must always be within Bluetooth range of every Gear in the group.

Multiple Groups may be created, but a Gear can only belong to one Group at a time.

Group Control works under the impression that the mobile device stays in the same location while connecting. Connection status does not update from the control screen. For example, if you connect to a group and see that all Gears are connected successfully, moving away from the Gears may drop the connection to one or more Gears. The app will not notify you of this.

Another example is if you partially connect to an existing Group (i.e., 2 of 4 Gears) and then proceed with the control screen. Moving closer to the Gears which did not connect does not initiate a connection to those Gears, as the Group device scan must be initiated again. Back out from the control screen, and select the group once more.

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