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Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) - AXIS Gear
Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) - AXIS Gear

How to perform a BIST on your AXIS Gear

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If the LEDs on your Gear are all lit up in a variety of colors (including green, blue, purple, and red) then fear not! You have simply entered Gear's self-test mode. This is used to diagnosis any possible issues inside the device.

To exit self-test mode, press any one of the top buttons. The Gear will return to a powered off state.

  1. Dismount Gear from the wall. Re-attach the back cover. Make sure Gear is still connected to power source.

  2. With Gear powered-off, press and hold the 'Set', 'Pair' and 'Group' buttons for 3 seconds.

  3. You should see the LED’s turn teal briefly, then bright green right after. Release the buttons when it is bright green, otherwise, self-test will fail.

  4. The device will proceed to run tests, including a motor test.

  5. Once you see all purple LEDs, tap the 'X' button and then slide your finger across the touch interface as the LED’s light up purple individually.

  6. Once the test is complete the LEDs will be a combination of colors (green/blue/red).

To exit self-test mode, press one of the top buttons. Gear will flash red twice and return to a powered off state.

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