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Sharing Access With Other Users
Sharing Access With Other Users
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When you setup your SmartShade, you assign it to a specific SmartBridge. As such, when you are trying to share access to your SmartShades with another user in your household, what you are actually sharing is the SmartBridge - and all the SmartShades that are assigned to it. In most cases, users are likely to only have 1 SmartBridge in their home. If you have multiple SmartBridges in your home, you would need to share each one of them with the other user(s).

Once you've shared the SmartBridge, the other user will see all of the connected SmartShades as well as the Routines assigned to each. However, any Groups that you have created will NOT appear in their app. They would have to recreate these Groups if needed and this will only appear in their app.

NOTE: There are no hierarchies or parent account - each user has equal access. As such, any renaming of SmartShades or SmartBridge, and new Routine creation by this other user will be reflected in your app. Furthermore, the other user can even delete you from the SmartBridge once you've shared access. As such, it is critical that you only share access with someone you trust (i.e. members of your household, etc.).

To share access with another user, follow these steps:

  1. Select the SmartBridge you would like to share access by tapping it's tile. Then tap the three vertical dots button to move to the SmartBridge settings screen.

  2. Select the "Users - # users(s)" tile. If you have no other users (besides yourself) added to the SmartBridge, it will indicate 0 user(s).

  3. Tap the Plus icon on the top right.

  4. Enter the email address of the user you would like to give access to. Please note that this email address should be the same that was used by the this user to create their RYSE account. Tap "Save."

  5. After a few seconds, the additional user's email will appear within the Users list. If it doesn't appear, simply tap the arrow on the top left to go to the SmartBridge settings screen and then tap the Users tile to come back. You will now see this additional user.

  6. Simply tap the arrow on the top left to go back to the SmartBridge Settings screen. The Users tile will now show that there's an additional user with access to this SmartBridge.

  7. The newly added user will automatically see the SmartBridge, any connected SmartShades and created Routines appear in their app.

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