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Connecting SmartShade to Amazon Alexa
Connecting SmartShade to Amazon Alexa
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Prior to connecting to Amazon Alexa, ensure you have downloaded the RYSE app and added your SmartBridge as well as all of your SmartShades to the RYSE app.

Note: Integration with Alexa requires the SmartBridge.

For a list of Alexa supported commands, click here.

Follow these steps to connect your SmartShades to Alexa:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app.

  2. Tap the More icon on the bottom right of the screen.

  3. Tap "Skills & Games".

  4. Tap Search icon on the top right. Search for "RYSE SmartShades". You will then see the "RYSE SmartShades" skill in results - tap it.

  5. Tap "ENABLE TO USE".

  6. Enter the same email and password that you used to create an account in the RYSE app. Tap "Sign in". You will then see the next screen with the message "Your RYSE SmartShades has been successfully linked".

  7. Tap "Discover Devices". Alexa will then begin scanning for all RYSE SmartShades connected to your SmartBridge - this can take up to 45 seconds. Once this is finished, tap "Next".

  8. You will then see all of the SmartShades you added to the RYSE app. Select one of the SmartShades to begin adding it to the Amazon Alexa app. Note that you cannot add multiple SmartShades to the Alexa app at the same time. Tap "Continue" on the next screen. Repeat this step for ever SmartShade on the list.

  9. Tap "Done".

  10. You can now find all of your SmartShades under the "Devices" screen, which can be assigned to Groups within Alexa.


  • Renaming SmartShades in the RYSE app will be reflected in the Alexa app, but may require exiting the Alexa app and relaunching it.

  • Renaming SmartShades in the Alexa app will NOT be reflected in the RYSE app.

  • Any Groups created in the RYSE app will NOT be carried over to the Alexa app.

For video instructions, see below:

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