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How do I attach my SmartShade to a Cord Loop?
How do I attach my SmartShade to a Cord Loop?
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The sprocket wheel that is pre-installed on to SmartShades is designed for beaded chains. If you are looking to install SmartShades onto a vertical shade that has a cord loop, you need to replace this sprocket wheel with the items included in the cord accessory kit.

The cord loop accessory kit is no longer automatically included with RYSE SmartShades. If you require this part, please contact our customer support team via live chat or email ([email protected]), and we will send some cord loop kits your way!

Please note that the cord loop attachment is only compatible with vertical shades. It is not compatible with horizontal shades.

Remove the Beaded Chain Sprocket Wheel

  1. Take the back cover off by holding the back cover by the opening at the top and pulling it off.

  2. Unscrew the three screws - one (1) on the sprocket wheel, and two (2) on the top guide rail above the sprocket wheel.

  3. Take the sprocket wheel off the metal axle. If the sprocket wheel is too tough to pull off, use a tool (i.e.. flat head screwdriver) that fits underneath the sprocket wheel to pry it off.

    Replace the Bottom Guide Rail with the Cord Guide Rail

  4. Pull out the bottom guide rail. When you do this, make sure the springs inside each hole remain inside.

  5. In its place, put the cord guide rail in by tilting it towards you, preventing the pins on the guide rail from rubbing against the circle dent on the SmartShade - this could bend and damage the pins.

  6. Push the guide rail in until you hear a click on both sides. The guide rail should bounce back when it's pushed in. If at any time the guide rails get stuck on the bottom when pushed and doesn't bounce up, you can manually push it up and try again.

    Attach the Cord Loop Sprocket Wheel

  7. Screw in the cord loop sprocket wheet. Make sure the bumpy side is facing inwards.

    Attach the Tapes to the Cord Loop

  8. Take three (3) out of the 4 tapes included in the cord accessory kit and wrap each tape onto your window shade's cord loop - leave a minimum of 1 ft distance between each tape. Make sure you put your tapes on the cord loop where it will pass through the SmartShade.

    Attach SmartShade to the Cord Loop

  9. Wrap the cord loop around the cord sprocket wheel and close the back cover. Please ensure that the cord loop is not twisted. You can now attach the SmartShade to the mounting bracket.

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