The easiest way to complete your set-up is by following the in-app step-by-step instructions inside of the RYSE App.

Use the links below to download the RYSE app on your phone.

iOS users: Click here to download the RYSE iOS app.
Android users: Click here to download the RYSE Android app.

Once you've installed the RYSE App, here are our top 3 tips to get started:

  • If you have purchased a wireless BatteryPack: make sure to charge it via the included micro-USB cable. Unplug the cable when the BatteryPack's LED light has turned green.

  • When configuring the top/bottom positions of your shade: it is best to start with your window shade completely open and setting the "top" position first

  • If you have purchased a RYSE SmartBridge: ensure that when pairing the device: your cell phone/RYSE app is connected via Wifi to the same network that your SmartBridge is plugged into.

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