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When/how to use the bead splicing tool
When/how to use the bead splicing tool
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Why do I need to use the bead splicing tool, and when?

  1. If you are running into the issue where your Smartshade either makes a loud noise or skips when the bead connector passes through, then removing the bead connector will help with the following issue.

  2. If your shades are very large and heavy, having a bead connector will cause the chain to skip when the bead connector passes through the Smartshade.

  3. If the chain keeps snapping or breaking at the bead connector.

What happens when the chain skips?

  1. When the chain skips, it will cause the device to open less than it should and close more than it should(essentially forgetting the open and close positions).

  2. In extreme cases, the skipping will cause the sprocket wheel inside the SmartShade to break or strip the teeth on the sprocket wheel.

What is a bead splicing tool?

The bead splicing tool will allow you to join the two ends of the beaded chain together and, in essence, will let you get rid of the bead connector, leaving you with a continuous loop change.

Please click on the link below to purchase the bead splicing tool.

Below is a comprehensive video on using the bead splicing tool to join the two ends of your chain together -

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