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Mullion mount using Extension Brackets.
Mullion mount using Extension Brackets.
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Mullion mount using Extension Brackets.

The following article will walk you through the steps to stick two Extension Brackets together and use it as a stable mullion mount. Please use the images for reference.

Scenarios to make use of the Mullion mount using the Extension Bracket.

  • Not enough room to install the Mounting Bracket.

  • Your shades bump into the RYSE SmartShade on the way up and down.

  • Your shades are very large and require a more sturdy mullion Mounting Bracket.

Things required -

  1. One RYSE Extension Brackets

  2. Two 3MM double-sided tapes

  3. One RYSE Mounting Bracket

  4. A cloth/rag

  5. A pencil

Steps -

  1. Ensure the chain does not have any attachments.

  2. Hold your chain taut and flat against the wall, with tension resembling that of a guitar string.

  3. Use a pencil or marker to make a small mark on the wall slightly below where the loop ends, as indicated in the image below.

  4. Clean the surface of the Extension Bracket (both front and back) to remove any dust or debris that may have settled on them. This will ensure the 3M tapes can adhere to the brackets.

  5. Cut the 3M tape to the size of the L-shape on the extension bracket and apply it to the bracket as indicated in the images below.

  6. Now, cut the 3M tape and apply it to the RYSE mounting bracket.

  7. Stick the RYSE mounting bracket to the extension bracket. Please ensure that the RYSE mounting bracket is installed in the correct direction, as indicated on the back of the bracket.

  8. Align the bracket with the mark you made on the wall in step 3.

  9. Stick the bracket to the wall so that the top of the extension bracket lines up with the mark.

  10. It is crucial that you let the bracket sit on the wall for about 2 hours to let the bracket bond.

  11. Once done, install the Smartshade and calibrate it the bracket into the mullion.

Images of the final setup -

Mullion mount with the RYSE Smartshade installed(black bracket) -

For more information about our installation, click on the link below -

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