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Create groups with SmartButton

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The RYSE Button is a simple remote control that enables you to send commands to your SmartShade with a single push.

To add multiple SmartShades to your RYSE button -

  1. Set your Smartshade's top and bottom positions using the RYSE app or using the on-device controls.

  2. Walk close to the Smartshade you would like to pair.

  3. Press and hold the RYSE button for 5 seconds or until you hear a beep and notice the light change to Blue.

  4. Now press the pair button once on the Smartshade and let go.

  5. You will hear a slightly longer beep, and the Blue pairing light will disappear.

  6. You have now paired the first Smartshade with the RYSE Button!

  7. Now, remove the battery from the RYSE button.

  8. Reinsert the battery into the RYSE Button and repeat steps 1 through step 7 until you have paired all your Smartshades. Each button can be paired with up to 4 SmartShades.

(Note: Remember to remove the battery from the RYSE button and reinsert it before pairing consecutive SmartShades.)

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