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Pairing SmartBridge to the App
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The SmartBridge must be connected via Ethernet to your router/modem and should be powered on. Please ensure all three (3) lights on the SmartBridge must be solid blue prior to proceeding. The WiFi must be toggled on your phone.

  1. Tap the red plus icon on the top right of the screen.

  2. Select "Add RYSE SmartBridge" from the list.

  3. Tap "Find my SmartBridge" from this screen.

  4. Select the SmartBridge you would like to add from the list by tapping it.

  5. Rename your SmartBridge if you would like by tapping the pencil icon.

  6. Tap "Set Bridge Time Zone". Select your time zone from the list. Then tape "Save".

  7. Tap "Install my SmartShade". This will register the bridge to your account.

  8. You can proceed to setting up your SmartShades or tap Skip.

  9. You also have an option to add this SmartBridge to HomeKit at this point (iOS only), or tap "No, take me to RYSE app" to go back to your dashboard.

  10. You will now see the SmartBridge added to your dashboard.

For video instructions, see below:

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