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Pairing SmartShade to the App via Bluetooth
Pairing SmartShade to the App via Bluetooth
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Bluetooth and Location Services must be turned on, as the app requires access to these features in order to operate. The SmartShade should already be installed onto your window frame/shade. If you have a SmartBridge, please follow these instructions instead.

  1. Tap the red plus icon the on the top right of the screen.

  2. Select "New Shade" from the list.

  3. Select "Configuration".

  4. Select "With Bluetooth".

  5. Press the Pair button on the SmartShade. Your phone will begin scanning for available SmartShades. Then, tap "Next".

  6. Select the SmartShade from the list you would like to pair with. If you do not see any SmartShades, please tap the Refresh button on the top right of the screen.

  7. For iOS users, you will see a pairing request pop-up. Tap "Pair".

  8. Tap the pencil icon if you would like to change the name of your SmartShade, then tap Save.

    Tap "Set-up my Smartshade".

  9. The next few screens will walk you through how to set the top and bottom positions for your SmartShade. See instructions here.

  10. Tap "Done" when you have successfully configured your shade positions.

  11. You should now see the newly added SmartShade on your dashboard. You have successfully paired SmartShade to the app!

    For video instructions, see below:

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