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Connecting SmartShade to Home App (HomeKit)
Connecting SmartShade to Home App (HomeKit)
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Prior to connecting to the Home app, ensure you have downloaded the RYSE app and added your SmartBridge as well as all of your SmartShades to the RYSE app.

Note: Integration with the Home app via HomeKit requires the SmartBridge.

Follow these steps to connect your SmartShades to the Home app:

  1. Open the Home app.

  2. Tap the "Add Accessory" tile.

  3. Scan the QR code of your SmartBridge. This can be found on the bottom of the SmartBridge.

  4. Tap "Add to Home". You will then see a screen indicating that the Home app is "Connecting to Bridge".

  5. Assign a room location for your SmartBridge and tap "Continue".

  6. Rename the SmartBridge if needed and then tap "Continue".

  7. Your SmartBridge is now successfully added to the Home app. The next step is to add the individual SmartShades connected to the SmartBridge. Tap "Continue".

  8. You will now connect the first SmartShade.

  9. Assign a room location for the first SmartShade and tap "Continue". Note that the SmartShade name assigned in the RYSE app is the default name within the Home app.

  10. You can rename the SmartShade if you would like and then tap "Continue".

  11. Repeat steps 8-10 to add any additional SmartShades you have connected to the SmartBridge.

  12. Tap "Done" to complete the integration process.

All of your SmartShades should be visible within the Home app. Navigate to the "Rooms" dashboard if you do not see them under Favorite Accessories.

For video instructions, see below:

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