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Built-In Self Test (BIST) - RYSE SmartShade
Built-In Self Test (BIST) - RYSE SmartShade

How to perform a BIST on your RYSE SmartShade

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If your SmartShade is moving normally during calibration but failing to move (or only moving a little bit) afterward, you may need to perform a BIST on your SmartShade. This process will enable the SmartShade to test itself, and methodically solve any issues it may encounter.

Prior to performing a BIST, you will need:

  • RYSE SmartShade

  • RYSE A/C Power Adapter, or charged BatteryPack

  • A pen, paperclip, or any object with a pointed end

Please note that this process will involve resetting your SmartShade to factory settings. This will clear your top/bottom position configuration, and if your SmartShade is paired with your phone, you will need to re-pair it afterwards.

In order to complete a BIST, please follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your RYSE SmartShade

  2. While unplugged, press the STOP and PAIR buttons. Keep holding these buttons down, and plug in your A/C Power Adapter or BatteryPack.

  3. Release the buttons. You will see the 5 position LEDs light up red, and the motor will move up and down slightly. This confirms that the device has entered BIST mode.

  4. When you see the up arrow light up, press UP.

  5. When you see the down arrow light up, press DOWN.

  6. When you see the 1st and 5th indicator lights turn on, press PAIR.

  7. When you see the 2nd and 4th indicator lights turn on, press SET.

  8. When you see the middle indicator light turn on, press the reset button (using the pen or similar item). This will conclude the test.

The Built-In Self-Test is now complete! You may now reconfigure your SmartShade's top/bottom positions, and re-pair it with your phone. Please see pairing instructions below:

If your motor has been failing to move outside of calibration, this should solve the issue. However if the problem persists, please contact our friendly customer support team at [email protected].

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